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1.    You can make a big difference.

Research shows that children whose parents are involved in school, simply perform better

2.    You contribute to a bigger cause.

Whether it is occasionally helping out, assisting the next big event or being an active member of the core team, there are so many ways you can contribute.

3.    Sharing experiences.

It is fun to share your child's school related experiences.

4.    You get to know teachers and staff.

By joining PSG you will have a better understanding of the ideas & needs of teachers and support staff.

5.    You make new friends.

It is an ideal way to meet new families.

6.   It is FUN!

Even the simplest event can spice up your week.

7.    Creating lasting friendships

I guess this needs no further explanation;-)

8.    You help raise funds.

This helps us to organize all those extra curricular activities to the benefit of our children.

9.    Have a great idea?

Volunteering allows you to release your creativity.

10.    Always in need of an extra pair of hands.

Maybe the most important reason of all: we simply need your help.

PSG BOARD 2023-2024

The PSG is steered by a smaller team of elected members who come together on a monthly basis to discuss, organize, prepare and coordinate the different events and activities.

PRESIDENT: Katrien Van de Steen

VICE PRESIDENT: Gisele De Souza 


TREASURER: Katja Duron


The Parent Support Group is a volunteer group of QSI parents with the primary goal to promote a strong family friendly community at our QSI school in Haiphong.

Our mission is to stimulate interest in our school and support the development of the school, teachers, parents and most importantly our children. PSG is a non profit entity. All profits from our sales and money raised are reinvested in the school community.

Our vision is to be an international dynamic group of volunteer QSI parents from diverse cultures sharing skills, experiences and above all friendships.


PSG organizes and co-organizes formal and informal events for QSI students and parents to strengthen its community.

We encourage parent involvement and assist new families in fully integrating at QSI Haiphong.

Following PSG events are organized during the year:

●      Halloween

●      Stop the traffick

●      Carnival

●      Mom’s coffee moments

●      Women’s day coffee event

●      Children’s day

●      Winter market

●      Yard sale

●      Teacher’s appreciation week

●      Bake sale

 And many more…


We have a small but mighty PSG team at QSI Haiphong. Meetings are held monthly in school to coordinate coming events, to discuss challenges and successes as well as to brainstorm new ideas.

Minutes are maintained monthly and can be shared any time.

The meeting schedules are announced in the newsletter at the beginning of the school year.


If you are interested in joining our enthusiastic team, if you have any questions, idea’s, suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us or to reach out via the mom’s WhatsApp group.

We are all ears!