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Secondary School

The secondary program at QSI Haiphong prepares students for colleges and universities in the United States or across the globe. Classes are individualized, closely monitored, and supervised on campus. The rigorous academic program offers a well-rounded educational program that consists of Mathematics, Science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry), World Cultural Studies, History, Economics, Literature, Writing, Art, Music, Physical Education, Foreign Language, and Technology.

Each student is required to complete a year-long research project in the last year of their Secondary program. Secondary students may attain an Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma.

Students receive the support needed to prepare for the demands of college, receiving guidance on careers, college entrance requirements, and SAT test preparation.

Beyond academics, secondary students are encouraged to engage in a wide-range of extracurricular activities, as well as student-oriented service learning projects


Many think of school in terms of the ‘Academics.’ QSI feels it is equally important that the often hidden part of the curriculum is a vital part of the entire QSI school experience. QSI calls these the Success Orientations.

Success for All  is the motto of Quality Schools International. This is more than just a slogan. Research indicates, and our experience confirms, that successful people have developed personal orientations that lead to success. Personal habits, the ability to interact successfully with others, reliability, responsibility, diligent work habits, promptness, keeping your word, kindness, and other factors in this realm are at least as important as the knowledge one learns and the competencies one gains. Success in these orientations rests first and foremost in the home; however, the success orientations are actively encouraged and taught in virtually all areas of the QSI school curriculum with the view of making them a vital part of one’s life pattern. The role of QSI is to reinforce these efforts of the home. 

Success Orientation behaviors are evaluated independently from academic assessments. They are given solely on the basis of student performance in the specified outcomes. The seven Success Orientations are:

QSI Haiphong has made me feel welcome. It is a place where I feel as though people can accept me for who I am. 

-QSI 15 year old student,
Secondary Program

Did you Know?

QSI Haiphong is an SAT, PSAT testing center! 

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is the most widely given and accepted standardized test for college admissions. It is generally offered six times per year on the QSIT campus. Most students take the SATs after completing the Practice SAT (PSAT) in October of their junior year. Students are then encouraged to take the SAT in August/September of their senior year. Additional SAT administrations may be taken during the senior year in order to improve results. SAT scores and high school grades are strongly predictive of college success.

Students are encouraged to research prospective universities in order to determine the need to take the SAT and what a competitive score might be needed for a successful application.

Students sign up for and manage their SAT process through the College Board website.

Note: The SAT II subject tests are no longer offered by the College Board.

For more information about SAT and PSAT testing procedures, please visit: