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Greetings from QSI International School of Haiphong! 
We wish to extend a warm welcome to students, parents, and supporters from around the world. The QSI International School of Haiphong strives to create an environment in which students achieve exceptional academic, personal and physical goals. To make this happen, our faculty and staff take on the important responsibility of generating the conditions for success, designing valuable and engaging learning experiences for each age group. We believe that every student comes to school eager to learn, and it is our mission to keep this desire alive. 
The QSI International School of Haiphong is an independent, coeducational school providing courses for students from 2 years old through secondary school. More than twenty-five international cultures are represented in our student body, which is led by faculty from around the world. QSI – International School of Haiphong is governed by the Quality Schools International Board of Directors, and an Advisory Board of six residents of Haiphong who provide guidance to our school as we endeavor to accomplish our mission. 
Except for Vietnamese, French and Chinese Language classes, all classes at QSI – International School of Haiphong are taught in English. We welcome many parents from Vietnam and also many who come to Haiphong to work for a limited time, as they are connected with various international organizations or private business ventures. Students are placed by age groups into the settings where they can most optimally grow along with their peers. Within these classes, children are challenged to move at an appropriate pace and demonstrate mastery of the material. If any student does not acquire that level, teachers make available additional opportunities to succeed until the expectations for that class are met. This is accomplished through Mastery Learning and Performance-Based Education (PBE) methods and through seven universally accepted “Success Orientations.” 
We invite you to make QSI – International School of Haiphong the educational home for your student and encourage you as parents to become involved in supporting the school throughout the school year. We also welcome residents and businesses located in Haiphong to get to know the school and support our educational programs. 
Please enjoy this website. It will give you further insight into our school and its functions. We hope to see you soon on our campus! 
Daniel Owen, M.Ed. 
School Director